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Album - 2016 - Jazz

Mad System

Maxime Fleau - Damien Fleau - Oliver Degabriele - Jean Kapsa
Label : Prado Records

Heavily inspired by the complex and disturbing cinematic universe of filmmakers like Vinterberg, the band has taken cue from this uneasy sobriety, this stylistically colourful yet brute Danish cinema form the 90s. Festen’s music challenged structural and stylistic norms in favour of an “in your face” sound which is raw, straightforward bordering on nervous.

So this is jazz, but jazz that has given in to the seductions of rock’n’roll. The resulting sound is dynamic, fresh, new … and is documented with the band’s original songs, brimming with originality and energy. Energy is the keyword here. It’s easy to hear the band’s influence by music from the 90s, ranging from Sonic Youth to Soundgarden to The Birthday Party …